Product Evaluations

Product validation, Human Factors Engineering and User Experience testing are all part of the User Centered Participatory Design process. With R&D expenses escalating, it is beneficial to limit and minimize product risk by identifying product flaws as early in the process as possible. Hirlan can help with:

  • In depth resources and training on the new FDA 510(k) Human Factors/Usability Requirements and Methods
  • How to integrated Human Factors methods and testing into your Product Life Cycle
  • How to effectively collect and prioritize Innovative Product Ideas, Requirements and Features
  • Software Tools that efficiently collect, manage and prioritize, innovative product information
  • Implementation of User Centered Participatory Design processes

Business Process

HirLan helps customers build products that are safe, effective and profitable. All regulatory, best practices and standards are incorporated into the product design and development process. The following business processes have been shown provide these results:

  • Managing the Innovation Process
  • User Centered Design
  • Stakeholder Participatory Decision Making
  • Usability Testing: Evaluation and Validation
  • Human Factors Principles and Guidelines
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