Human Factors Research

Including Human Factors Research and Evaluation into the product lifecycle ensures that your products will be safe, effective and profitable. The HirLan Institute of Human Factors is dedicated to designing and evaluating products using the methods that are based in cognitive-behavioral psychology. Our experience spans the following product areas:

  • Transportation: aerospace, aviation, automotive and mass transit
  • Medical Devices
  • Games and Toys
  • Consumer Products
  • Software: computer, smartphones, tablets and embedded

In addition, we do basic human factors and ergonomic research. Our experience in basic research is in the areas of:

  • Memory and Attention and its effect on workload
  • Learning and its implications in ease of use
  • Sensation and Perception and its effect on ergonomics
  • Research Methods to improve the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data in Human Factors studies.

The HirLan Institute of Human Factors is committed to the principals of User Centered Participatory Design and Evaluation. Our experience with these principles has been responsible for the design of software products, medical devices, aviation and aerospace cockpits, toys and games.

We welcome the opportunity to bring your projects and ideas to the HirLan Institute of Human Factors for design and evaluation.

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