Medical Devices

The merging of technology with healthcare devices, software and documentation has led to updated FDA regulations. HirLan can assist you with meeting the regulations that center around the following:

  • Experts in Medical Device Human Factors
  • 510(k) Human Factors/Usability Testing
  • Software Design: Imbedded and Computer
  • Product Inserts Design
  • Product Demonstration Videos
  • Customer/User Centered Participatory Design Process Seminars
  • Manage the Innovation Process

Smart Devices

Modern smart devices include smart phones, tablets, handheld inventory control devices, and GPS to name a few. The applications for these devices find themselves in the hands of just about any user, in every environment. HirLan is experienced in application design and application prototype for all of these smart devices:

Smart Phones & Tablets
  • iOS - iPad & iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows
Kiosks & Handheld Applications
  • Restaurant
  • Media
  • Sports
  • Education
  • Games
  • And More
Informational & Transactional Applications
  • Amusement Park Directions
  • Point of Sale
  • Games
  • And More


Web Based/Cloud Software

Software is moving to the cloud, are you ready? HirLan has been in the forefront of SaaS cloud computing. The Principals at HirLan were one of the first to create web based network management and idea management software.

Network Management

HirLan designed and built network management tools that managed client’s servers, networks, and support desk as well as tools that managed modem and internet access devices.

Idea Management

IdeationTek is a product that manages ideas and related information to those ideas. IdeationTek also includes tools that enable prioritization and vendor selection.

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