Company Profile

HirLan, Inc. is dedicated to creating and evaluating innovative products that increase the productivity and efficiency of its users. In addition, HirLan, Inc. offers services and mentoring to help productize new ideas centered around the Product Life Cycle (PLC). HirLan, Inc conducts its business through various means: contracts, services, support, etc. Recently, HirLan, Inc. has released it’s own suite of products, IdeationTek, centered around the ideation phase of the PLC.

HirLan, Inc. is ISO 9001 certified for Human Factors Services.  HirLan, Inc. is committed to the highest level of Customer Satisfaction, Customer Respect and Product Excellence. Our Quality Management System is built on a team approach.  Our team approach ensures ongoing evaluation and validation of internal processes so continual improvements to the quality management system are implemented quickly and effectively in alignment with our Quality Manual.  We strive to meet all applicable requirements, including Customer Requirements and Expectations.